Christian slater dating tamara mellon

“I wanted to be able to look them in the eye and feel they were looking into the eyes of somebody who was making an effort to take care of himself and be a better person,” he says.

The new twosome were seen arriving at celebrity haunt Scotts restaurant in Mayfair, where they were also snapped leaving together later on.

The shoes would be limited and are expected to cost from £30 for a pair of ballet pumps to £170 for a pair of boots.

Mrs Mellon, 40, and Ann Yeardye, herself a former Chanel model, have not spoken since falling out over the sale of the business in 2004.

Slater says he swallowed his pride and joined a classroom of much younger students to study for the three-day GED test.

It is a surprise to the industry, and no real reason has been given for the double departure.

“It’s like expecting a reward for running out of a burning building,” says Slater, whom the magazine says has been sober for a couple of years.

As it was with his GED, the inspiration for his sobriety was his family, says Slater.

Tamara has always been the perfect ambassador for the brand, oozing, as she does, effortless glamour and wealth, hitting the gossip columns with her time in rehab (before she started the company) squillion dollar divorce from Matthew Mellon and dating the likes of Christian Slater.

She frequently modelled for her own ads, posed nude for Terry Richardson and revealed an expanse of decolletage for the campaign when she launched a Jimmy Choo fragrance. The announcement came yesterday that the conglomerate Labelux Group, (which also owns shoe brand, Bally) which acquired Jimmy Choo in the summer for a reported 0 million is now charge of the whole thing.

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