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During this time period, she was sexually assaulted by Luke Baker and Neil Martin.She struggled to come to terms with her assault, but managed to hold her head up high and come to terms with it.Later, she is seen playing truth or dare with Winston and others.She dares Winston to say "Voulez-vous coucher avec moi?She hurt herself whenever she felt attraction towards girls in order to discourage the feelings.Hellbent on hiding her true identity, she began dating Winston Chu in hopes of making herself straight, and whenever she felt attraction to a girl or a lack towards Winston she flicked her burns to try to bury the feelings.In My Own Worst Enemy, she walks into class and listens in a conversation between Tristan and Maya about someone who's gay.

As their friendship deepened, Zoë realized that she had developed a crush on Grace, and began questioning her sexuality.

She can be seen watching Maya tell Miles that she is going on the trip for her and her friends, not him. Maya insists that they definitely aren't and Zoë replies, "Awesome... In All I Wanna Do, she is seen out in the balcony with Alli while they check out their room.

While Tristan pretends to be interested in girls, she glances over at him and laughs.

Intent on a fresh start, Zoë was nervous on learning to be a normal teenage girl, using her looks, body, and money to get what she wanted (a trick she learned from her overbearing stage-mom).

A defining moment for her was following a messy break up with Drew Torres when she attended a party hosted by Miles Hollingsworth III to drown her sorrows in a good party and became drunk before passing out.

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