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The pilot, which has already drawn some heat for its racial politics, opens with an amazing action sequence worthy of , with heavy losses for the 74th Precinct before the first commercial.

The cast includes journeyman Jon Tenney, stunning brunet Yancy Butler (wanna bet there's an episode in which her character gets into trouble for posing in vet James B. This is crime and punishment as comfort food — like a big, tasty, violent knish.

We'll always have But that giant sucking sound you hear is the new fall season.

No congressional inquiry, ratings system or little fucking V-chip can save your ass now.

And with the sitcom snuggled firmly between (CBS, Mondays, p.m.), a sort of sitcom Traveling Wilburys that features two great stars of the genre: the legendarily dry Bob Newhart and the slightly less button-down Judd Hirsch.

The plot seems like your basic redux with the old pros playing an uptight, WASPy bookstore owner and a loud Jew from Vegas with mob ties — no points for guessing which one of them plays the loud Jew.

The gospel truth, brothers and sisters, is that the news here ain't all that good., with Greenwood as Dr. "This is no place to pray," Father Ray proclaims at one point.

Nathan Bradford, the leader of a posse of sexy sleep researchers exploring dreamscape metaphysics and looking great doing so. "We've got a church to run here." I know that all of you in the pews out there have doubt in your hearts, but this ultracool priest show is damned impressive and deserves to be a mass success.

" With a few happy exceptions, what's being served up represents a veritable Baskin-Robbins of badness — thirtysomething flavors of crap.

There are some noirish, kinky touches: The pilot, for instance, features a handcuffing, Dusty Springfield-loving psychokiller slut.

You won't get that sort of angst in your pants on the Family Channel.), the FBI brings a bunch of hotshot felons together to fight crime.

By the end, this extremely likely unlikely duo becomes in-laws.

If that sounds too male-menopausal for your tastes, try an early middle-aged take on odd coupling, , never found its place, so Danza is back in a conventional family comedy.

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