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as long as people have said that there is one God, other people have said that there are two (or more), because, if there is only one, how do you explain evil?

It died out, but dualism didn't, and in the twelfth century a new variation, Catharism, arrived in the West, probably by way of the Balkans, and settled in Languedoc, in southern France.So the Cathar faithful ate a lot of ham and had a lot of sex, and looked forward with sincere hearts to the deathbed rite that would wipe these sins away.The foremost southern nobles were not Cathars, but many of their kin were, especially the women.These men had no love of the Vatican or of any presumed authority beyond their walls.Though on paper Languedoc was subject to northern rule, in fact it was independent, and not just politically.

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  1. Since the two sinners have shown repentance, they should be forgiven, comforted, encouraged, and required to marry. The sin should be buried and not revealed to anyone.