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Broad Gauge Nilambur–Shoranur Railway Line I hope you enjoyed these beautiful, stunning images from Kerala. Note: Some images are from our collection while some are by awesome photographers who shared them via Flickr and other websites. I), RMPI - Cochin, RMP Malappuram, Kerala CID, Japamala Prayer Group, Well Done Stuff, Shikari Shambu, Knanaya, Hacking, Salt Mango Tree - ഉപ്പുമാവ്, Kondotty-Ayamu കൊണ്ടോട്ടിഅയമു, Cognition Web, LDF Keralam, Meritjobs, Ajith P Ashokan, Kunchacko Boban, The Most Crazy And Amazing Videos, Cochin Cafe, Did You Know, Universal Studios Entertainment, Cheakuthan | ചെകുത്താന്, Yukthivadi, Jeswin James, Marijuana, Sony India, Inde, India Community Digest, Santhosh Pandit Fans Association, NFPR Calicut Human Rights, Changathikoottam ചങ്ങാതികൂട്ടം, Voice of Kerala - "വോയ്സ് ഓഫ് കേരള", Davinchisuresh creations, World Rare Photos, " അച്ചാറും പപ്പടവും" ( achaarum pappadavum ), The Savants, Atheism, Yukthivadi, Bhagavatham village, Reality Of Pakistan, Amazing India, No N Be Li Ev Er S o F g Od, Movie Mosquitoes, Bhairavan, Redsalute Comrades, V. Achuthanandan, Religion Poisons Everything, in, T P Anusmaranam, Perambra, Manorama News TV, Ay Ye Pa Tti Ch E., Mohanlal, Fun To Fun, Kochi, Queen of the Arabian Sea, കലികാലം, Oh Ithokke Enthu, ഗ്രാമ പഞ്ചായത്ത്, Thenga Kola തേങ്ങാ കൊല, Era.Skyline stone is a mix of granite and sandstone called granite schist.Norris said the presence of the camera alone can have a dissuasive effect on those looking to harm drivers and data from cities where cameras have been installed show a drop in violent incidents. It is indeed incredible with its unique geographic features, rich cultural tradition and history… Kerala has its own share of negatives and drawbacks. In this post we are going to feel and expereince the real Kerala through these awesome travel photos. and some “Land of Spices” while some call it ‘Land of Elephants’! Awesome Evening Sky: Image by Pandiyan via Flickr 3. Shot taken on Kerala Piravi (November 1st): Image by kcbimal via Flickr 35. Little Egret at Thekkumbhagam Kollam , Kerala : Image by kcbimal via Flickr 38. Village shot taken near Poovar, Trivandrum: Image by Fountain_Head via Flickr 32. Running along the sea shore: Image by Fountain_Head via Flickr 34. Ferry station in Nettur close to Thavera in Cochin: Image by Anoop Negi via Flickr 37. Sabari Mala Villakku : Image by Challiyan via Wikipedia 43.

Boats along Seaside : Image by Agni Max via Flickr 25. Kerala Village : Image by Hari_Menon via Flickr 27. But more can be done, including adding GPS locators to cabs and requiring taxi drivers to pass a criminal record check before they can take on any passengers.The outer one will check your car and open the trunk.She hopped out of the car and went up a flight of stairs to a random house hoping he would leave as she pretended to look for her keys.“I didn’t have time to get the identity of the guy, to get the name of the taxi or anything.” The incident, which happened last summer, left Andrea terrified.

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I have to leave,’” she told CBC News in an interview.

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