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In your letters you show me the big interest, and it very pleasant for me. It is pleasant for me to look at boys - schoolboys Who bears bags for the girlfriend and buys for them ice-cream, and Then eat it together, biting off with turns because there was no money To two frozen... Mum from The childhood always teach me to speak the truth. And you Like to dance and to what dances it is similar to you? Temperature in this room very high approximately 80 degrees Celsey. You see if the people like they always live in the spring. I would like to become such small - small enter your heart and to remain there for ever! I smile, when I see under a canopy at stops of the bus Para of scope. It you my dear, you seem to me very interesting person to correspond with you delivers to me great pleasure. The bath in the country is very popular in us, it is our pride. In this house there is a room in which it is necessary to bakee. It is so much caress and tendernesses in us with you has collected for this time, that it seems to me, when we shall meet - this wave will overflow us with a head, and I at all against to plunge into it(her) and to be floating on its(her) current all life. Thirdly, I love cinema, Films too I look "clever", but genres practically anyone. And fourthly, my weakness - I very much like to spend time on kitchen to prepare (be going) for new dishes and salads. Mine loved (liked, favourite) foodstuff it " Russian borch ". In general it is possible to tell, that I very sociable person. My opinion - those, I examine(consider) it as most important between the man and woman by this complete trust (trust), I hate, when the people deceive each other. Very much I regret, that our system of communication(connection) so is imperfect, my letters are late, and I so instantly would like to transfer you the pulses arising in my brain to see your eyes, to hear your voice, to smell your smells - me alive dialogue with you is necessary. I am very glad to see your letter, I now to be in Moscow, I to write to you from the internet-centre. I not many times was in Moscow, it is possible to tell, that I there in general in second time, I very badly know Moscow and when I to go in the underground, there were very many people. I adore the friends (them a little, but all of them are checked up by years). You seem to me which most of all The good person I has met in life. Tatyana is mine a full name, and in abbreviated form or simply Tanya. I already more to reflect in the our attitude (attitudes) is more serious. We can by hours wander on park, look at drops killing the river, on perfect clouds and to think of Spring. I have suddenly forgot to transfer the ideas on a paper. I can not hold the tears on eyes and at me heart is poured by blood. Western Union would NOT list her name as a potential scammer. Today I shall visit church, and about me will ask about us. PLEASE, PLEASE WRITE to ME, FREQUENTLY I NEED In YOU!!!!!! NOTHING WILL STOP ME FROM a PRESENCE (FINDING) With YOU!!!!!! And it is even worse, that if I not shall have time, to me have told that may not make to me the visa more, they will take offence at me, for my acts. Honestly, I completely use Obtaining of your characters. I so to be pleased, that we soon shall together my love!!! WHICH WILL NOT MAKE YOU WHO WILL PLACE a SMILE..... I wait with impatience of each your letter, you to me write please, what we with you in the beginning shall do, may be we shall visit somewhere? Hi, my sweet David, Yes, I understand you very much, my darling, don't worry. Hi, my sweet David, Don't worry, I will pick up the money tomorrow, because I have the meeting with the man ,who lent me this money, tomorrow, and I will return him this money. Sometimes I would like to leave for another town but I haven't got friends there. I want you to understand that our correspondece is very seriouse. It seems all Western Union is---simply a tool used by scammers in this particular case. I very much would like to learn (find out) more concerning you. Be healthy and in the good arrangement of spirit, know that you always in my heart. I have chosen destiny of fidelity, as closest to my character . Unsuccessfully speak, that love blind; true in it fond is indifferent to this or that lacks, which it perfectly sees, if only it seemed, that it he)) finds in the man that for him(it) it (is) by most important. As I would like to see us together, evening, in a room. Today I am simple so have learned, that the visa it is possible to make. But I promised, that I shall make all correctly and to me have believed. And visa was finally done in 2 weeks or faster and will be good for three month. That I use most, that you very much open and It makes it very simple for me to open my basis(fundamentals) also. As I have learned(found out) that the ticket aboard the plane costs(stands) 932 $, up to you my love! NSTEAD OF TO BECOME ANGRY ARE YOU READY To THIS SIMILARLY TO a LONG SENSITIVE KISS OR TENDERNESS of LOVE THE MESSAGE to YOU YOU - BEST ARE YOU READY To LOVE IT is sent FROM ABOVE ARE YOU READY TO BEGIN TO OPEN YOUR HEART MY HEART IS SO COMPLETE by LIFE And LOVE TO GIVE I PRODUCTION FOR the MAN, WHICH ALLOWS ME TO LOVE And ALIVE In HIS(ITS) HEART IT(HE) WILL KNOW what IT is by, LOVE to love FROM ME And I KNOW, THAT the WHOLE WIDE WORLD WILL SEE FROM a BEGINNING WHAT LOVE IS......., WITH WHAT the LOVE CAN DO(MAKE) ARE YOU READY To THIS I shall wait for your answer. I also know that many girls use the foreign man only for the money. My friend also promised to borrow me the rest of this sum, and I hope that tomorrow I will return the whole sum. But I don't despond and try to smile because smile is always nessesary. I hear that now there are a lot of different jokers in Internet which use Internet for there entertainment. I was already deceived many times in my life by other people. If you find my letter interesting please write me back.

I looked at you and if it is fair, I do not know, why I have chosen your structure, it likely any mark from above. I would like to give all from them flowers and stars. Also it is insignificant, what weather In the street. I raise eyes to the sky, and I find There an asterisk, and I think, that it may, you, there in me look also it shines only for me. I have decided to show today a Para of lines of your letter to my loved mum. We With you begin to understand and feel each other it is very important. We with you Completely should entrust each other only the ambassador who may be a The good union. But everyone Our letter rallies us, and distances between us become ever It is less and less. I dance a waltz, it is a lot of another Modern dances. Near to the bath is the river, in which we to jump when to run out from a bath. I very much love to read your letters, and they deliver me many pleasures. I so a long time have given you everything, that is at me - soul and a body, heart and reason then - when you also did not think to take it from me. I ask you, do not doubt, never doubt of me whatever happened - I yours, I always yours! I like those who kisses in underground transitions and in automobiles underground. You like To be on nature and to sit in summer evening on fire? Write to me answers to mine Calls in question and to ask me anyone interesting you and problems. It(he) was glad, that I at last have found the person who is interesting to me. The bath is such small house which is made of logs of a tree. So many the crossed out days in my calendar - the days which have been carried out(spent) without you! And I like in love in, liking sympathy which liked, a favorite! Then the grandfather has called me to itself and has wished good luck me good luck in it. I as the bird who has got in a cell(cage), am beaten in last hope to escape from a captivity and to depart to you, as to my unique bright asterisk. I work as the medical sister in children's hospital. I to speak in English not much, but now I go on rates on studying the English language. I to feel, that we as 2 small streamlets, which run in themselves, and at the end of ways merge in one large river. a mind full of questions I no more could bear this day on my way to you what will it hold moments of fear satisfaction untold Two people one hope, one moment so dear two hearts, one soul you and I we are here will we become friends, be united as one " co incident " fate, may be our gods will be done Despite of all odds make our wishes come true may there be a future still for me and for you if " love is in the air " like mimosa in the spring will our hearts grow " two silver wings "? She(it) was so is happy that the destiny has found the unique person in this life, but probably not. The person from the agency is named Inna Vitsentiy, the address of this so called agency is Sovetskaya 14, Lugansk 91000, Ukraine. First, I do not present myself life without MUSIC (capital letters! It means - only "ingenious" or, at least, talented. Beatles, Talking Heads, Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, Queen. At the given moment my feelings to YOU already, that it is more than friendly. I love you so, that all becomes transfixed in heart. And the words leave, be convinced itself: " Two silver wings " we are up in the air again on my way the moment so near the waiting increased our longing indeed to look, hold and kiss is now what we need My heart, my desire, who would hold here? I'll be love you all my life Your love forever Tanya. Now she(it) lays in hospital, and does not come in consciousness. These words to me to be given difficultly so excuse if what not so have written. Up to now, I have only received about 6 letters, in a two month period.

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