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Becky says they'll give it another year before one of them relocates so they can be together — she and her last boyfriend, who she also met at a convention, moved in together more quickly, and it put a lot of pressure on the relationship.

Smith says about one in every 30,000 people is born with some condition that leads to small stature.

She and her husband both have the bone condition osteogenesis imperfecta, which affects their height, but growing up, he felt "too cool" for conventions: "He's glad his parents took him but he wasn't the one asking to go." She says adult men, too, may have less interest in being part of a community of little people.

Jim Kay, who is 75 and LPA's historian, thinks the unwillingness of men to go to conventions is a symptom of a bigger problem: "Girls today, whether they're little or average, are much more knowledgeable, much more assertive, and many of them will make the first move," and guys aren't keeping up.

There are many reasons for this but the #1 reason is because of our LOYALTY to each other as a friends!

I’ve basically kept silent all these years out of respect for his family and because I just wasn’t ready to break the silence. through the years I’ve “thrown up” a little in my mouth at a lot of the shit I read about Layne that was supposed to be “factual”.

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