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egg health in reproduction gives an indication of environmental fit 15-25 years earlier).

So, could it be that, when looking for the source of the Renaissance circa 1400, we should instead look for a traumatic event in Florence circa 1380 that significantly affected women’s reproductive health, causing a change in the population’s IQ variance?

Or might the Florentines have simply become addicted to the sugar confections that had not long before suddenly filled the city’s apothecaries and markets?

Might the Renaissance have simply been a metabolic balancing act as people tried to compensate for a giant communal sugar rush? If you were looking for a statistical explanation why a particular population produced more geniuses (while the overall bell-curve distribution probably remained intact), there would be two obvious candidates to consider – either (a) the mean IQ got shifted up (.

Though “Eternal Flame” was produced by Simon Cowell, I won’t hold that against it.

Thinking about all this, it suddenly then became clear to me why low sperm counts make evolutionary sense: if a body is in significant physical difficulties, it makes no sense for it to try to reproduce offspring that are the same as it, as they would likely experience the same difficulties in the next generation.

This set me wondering: as I understand it, one of the problems often put forward with Darwinian evolution is that the natural rate of mutations is too low to support the amount of random change needed.

So could it be that stable contexts inhibit mutations (i.e.

For a long time, the dominant view has basically been that this was a random event, just one of those things that happen from time to time.

However, some modern writers have begun to speculate whether a particular freak event or a subtle change in diet or eating habits might perhaps been the real “cause” of the Italian Renaissance.

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It is likely that no one ever observed any such lamp.” OK, I’ll admit it: people who talk about the Renaissance as a coherent historical phenomenon get on my nerves.

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