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With the community on edge, police know they don't have much time before he strikes again.

The story of his crimes, and delusions about the demons that compelled him to kill, had mesmerized the entire country.

It isn't until police discover the bodies of two missing teens that they uncover the sadistic work of a prolific serial killer.34-year-old Paige Birgfeld is the ultimate multi-tasker - balancing four jobs, three kids, and two ex-husbands.

No one realizes that beneath all this activity, Paige is also hiding a deep, dark secret that will eventually lead to an evil betrayal.

When police learn of a bitter divorce and custody battle, they question his ex-wife.

Her husband claims she ran off with another lover, but her family suspects something much worse.As Jennifer is taken hostage by an unstable man, she soon connects with a 911 operator who will stop at nothing to see that Jennifer makes it out alive.When dozens of women vanish from the sunshine state in the late 60s, they're presumed runways.After an inmate claims to have information regarding the murder of Carrie Singer, who was found in a VA field in 2004, the Isle of Wight County Sheriff's Office reopens the case as seasoned Det. When Cindy Taylor was a teen, her world was shattered by the sudden death of her father.Police said it was a heart attack, but years later Cindy would discover her father's death was just one of the deadly secrets her mother had been hiding from her A beloved mother and daughter are senselessly murdered in their rural Florida cottage and their case goes unsolved for years.

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