Stop mandating cfl

But until this is commercially available, it is best to avoid CFLs altogether. General Electric claims that CFLs don’t produce a hazardous amount of UV radiation, and that UV is far less than the amount produced by natural daylight.

The truth is that all compact fluorescent lights bulbs contain mercury vapor.

Horowitz says this is a legitimate criticism of CFL, which have a hard time starting up in extremely cold climates.

Unfortunately, there is no good solution for cleaning up after a broken CFL bulb.

Researchers at Brown are testing a cloth made with a nanomaterial (nanoselim) that can capture mercury emissions for proper disposal.

” But research indicates that while CFL bulbs do require more careful handling and disposal, the hazard may be blown out of proportion.

According to a 2008 article on the issue in the scientific journal Environmental Health Perspectives, CFLs typically contain from three to five milligrams of mercury—about one hundredth of the mercury content of the older thermostats that may still be found in some homes.

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