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Taurus woman wants to have a strong personality near her that will guide her unbridled temper to a peaceful course.She wants to see softness in her partner but combined with strength and perseverance.He's too afraid of the word commitment and very secretive. Im always the one reaching out to find out his struggles but he cracks jokes everytime i initiate a conversation regarding security of our relationship. Hi as the name say I'm a Pisces man I just want to tell every Taurus woman that comes here something If you want him to take control step a side cause there is no way a Pisces man can be rude to tell you that, also it's somehow stupid tell a Pisces man to be in charge and he will challenge him not by saying I can do that better but simply ask if he can do that And if he doesn't reach out for you ask him to but don't ever try to push him and see if he would keep doing that, just please stop trying to push a Pisces man to his limits cause he is already there just for you.Taurean woman here and yes Pisces men can be a puzzle but with patients it can work being a taurean and a woman I am quick on my feet Pisces men I think tends to make us slow down to take more life in they do take what seems like a lifetime to figure things out when trying to have a conversation that should take about 2.At least that's how I am with my girlfriend atm. Of course we kinda just started dating and she's not used to her new routine and that make Taurus uncomfortable. Women will test you and it's our job to make them feel beautiful and secure with us . They not a good match for commitment they will never grow up and will nerver make up their mind (pisces) to controlling ,ego , always like to joke around won't take you serious , they are caring warm hearted as friend .

The only thing making me question him whether he likes me or not is the fact that whenever we make plans they never happen!!!!!! We are fish that don't know if we should bite or not.Hello just wanted to say my experience with Taurus females.I am currently dating a Taurus female and my last girlfriend just so happened to be a Taurus female too.Pisces man's tender romanticism, the mysterious image and beautiful tone of his voice will at once strike down a Taurus woman, quite on the spot.Zodiac sign Pisces is very soft with refined manners.

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Nevertheless, Pisces man's softness that so seduced her from the first minute, lacked a strong foundation.

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