Updating firmware on optical drives

- Bugfix: In specific cases, when switching between different MPEG-TS streams for a long time, playback could crash.

- Bugfix: For models with DVB-C tuner: DVB-C default modulation mode was set to incorrect value.

- This includes the following models: - Dune HD Base 3D - Dune HD Base 3D v2 - Dune HD TV-303D - Dune HD TV-303D v2 - Dune HD TV-102 - Dune HD TV-102 v2 - Dune HD Connect - Dune HD Max - Dune HD Duo - Dune HD Smart D1 - Dune HD Smart H1 - Dune HD Smart B1 - Dune HD Prime 3.0 - Dune HD Base 3.0 - The models with 256MB RAM (Lite 53D, TV-101, TV-301, TV-102p) are not supported by the new firmware.

The new firmware may require System Storage to get access to some new features. 2GB USB flash drive attached to any USB port) may be required to install additional software components when using players which do not have enough internal flash memoty or which do not have enough free space in the internal flash memory.

- Bugfix: DVB icons loading/updating did not work in some cases.This firmware includes fixes for regressions found in the new r11 firmware versions (170519_1350_r19_1351_r11) in comparison with the previous b9 firmware, and fixes for some other issues.- Improvement: when starting DVD playback, if shell_ext plugin is required for DVD playback but is not installed, the system automatically proposes to install shell_ext plugin (and to initialize system storage, if needed).- This new firmware is based on the same new codebase branch (r11) which is used in the latest Dune HD media player models based on the new ARM Sigma Design chips.- This new firmware includes several thousands of various changes, fixes, improvements and new changes, which were previously implemented during the development of the firmware for the new models.

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