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Anibal Fernandez, chairman of the budget committee, said during Wednesday’s debate.Argentina’s inflation numbers have been in doubt since 2007, when Fernandez’s late husband and predecessor, Nestor Kirchner, had political appointees change the methodology of the official statistics agency, INDEC.Senators passed the budget 40-27 Wednesday after debating for more than 11 hours as Fernandez recuperated from skull surgery.The Chamber of Deputies, also controlled by the president’s party and allies, approved it two weeks ago.And her four-week-long medical rest period would save her from the embarrassment of losing the congressional elections, since she won’t be able to campaign for ruling party candidates.Under this scenario, Fernández could win enough seats in Congress to remain a strong president until the end of her term, and perhaps become a powerful political figure beyond 2015, even if she can’t get reelected.The economy has slowed, the currency is losing value and inflation is soaring.Ruling party lawmakers were making the best of it, debating the 2014 budget Wednesday.

Pressed by a government radio host to say whether Fernandez could be out for a month, he said, “Some need less, some need more.”Argentina’s looming challenges include the Oct.

27 congressional elections, in which the ruling party now lacks its top campaigner.

Another devastating loan default became more likely this week when the U. Supreme Court rejected Argentina’s initial appeal in its debt fight.

But many had questioned Boudou’s leadership because of the corruption investigations he faces, and the presidency didn’t make public the formal transfer-of-power document that usually indicate how long a president would need to be replaced.

Argentine President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner’s head surgery this week, which according to government officials will force her to rest until after key Oct.

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